Welcome to "Shidokan Kendo and Iaido Club" !

...To mold the mind and body; to cultivate a vigorous spirit; and through correct and rigid training; to strive for improvement in the arts of Kendo and Iaido; to hold in esteem human courtesy and honor; to associate with others with sincerity; and to forever pursue the cultivation of one's self...

Pride and friendship

Friendship and swordsmanship shall grow together through intense and sincere training. "Respect, perseverance and humbleness"; our everyday prayer.

A true warrior has no confusion in his mind...

No Martial Art symbolizes the spirit of the warrior more than the arts of kendo and Iaido.

Unify mind, body and spirit...

Kendo and Iaido are considered the most respected living forms of Budo nowadays

Would you discover yourself?

We invite you to this journey where you will find amazing secrets about yourself through the way of the sword.

Overcome your own limits

Although the metal swords have been replaced by bamboo and wood, all other aspects of the Samurai Spirit live on in the practice of Kendo and Iaido.

Never surrender

Be better today than you were yesterday and then strive to become better still...

Shidokan's History and Pride

Since it's foundation in 1974 produced many outstanding Kendo players in Quebec generation after generation.

Empty your mind

Through constant practice the student will be able to clear the mind giving him or her the confidence needed to overcome daily undertakings with the utmost commitment. - Santoso Hanitijo Sensei.

Douglas Funamoto Sensei

"His dedication to teaching kendo was tremendous, and his humble nature will be remembered fondly."
- Lawrence Tsuji

Experience Tradition...

Students are given the opportunity to experience an ancient Japanese tradition.

Generation after Generation

The first Shidokan generation produced outstanding Kendo players that have continued to develop the art many years later to pass their knowledge to the new generations.

Practice, Practice, Practice

At Shidokan we understand that the only way to obtain our goals and to suceed in every aspect of life is to always persevere.
Just like Sensei says : "Practice, practice and practice more"

Unleash the Warrior within you...

The students learn and practice fierce techniques, until eventually sword becomes "no sword", intention becomes "no intention", a spontaneous knowledge of every situation.

For many years "Shidokan Kendo and Iaido Club" has been operating in Montreal, Canada; Our objective is to offer the best possible information to every person seeking a serious path in Martial Arts. Feel free to navigate through our site and don't forget to pass by the Concordia University (Loyola Campus Main Gym), to find out what's beyond that far away Mountain...

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September 9 2014 | New beginning

We would like to take this opportunity to give a warm welcome to our newest recruits. As freshmen the road ahead might seem very difficult from time to time.

We hope you can find the patience and dedication within yourselves to overcome every obstacle you may encounter in this new path. We promise you hard work and lots of fun !
Welcome to the "Kan"!

September 7 2014 | Special Joint Practice

On Sunday September 7th, many of our members attended a Quebec joint practice hosted by the McGill Kendo Club. This special practice was led by Toida Kenji Sensei from the Montreal Kendo Club and was also attended by a special guest: Jin Whan Lee Sensei from Toronto.

The practice focused on shiai, consisting of practice shiai, mawari geiko, and finished with kakari geiko. There was also an emphasis placed on the importance of being a good shinpan and advice was given on how to do that.

Thank you to Tuan-Anh Hoang for organizing the practice and our sincerest gratitude to Toida Sensei for leading it. We hope to see everyone at the next one!

August 2014 | Otakuthon

On August 23, Shidokan was invited to participate in Otakuthon, Montreal’s annual anime convention. Many of our members attended the convention, taking the opportunity to exhibit both kendo and iaido to those interested in learning more about these martial arts.

Our practitioners started with an iaido demonstration. It was followed by a kendo demonstration consisting of both basic and advanced kihon drills followed by many individual shiai matches. Afterwards, audience members were given the opportunity to try a few hits of their own.

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the Otakuthon organizers for once more inviting us to take part in this event. Thank you to all of our members who volunteered to participate in the events! See you next year!

August 2014 | Camping Trip

As this hot summer season approaches its climax, a Shidokan contingent adventured into a fun camping trip. Our destination was a Wildlife Reserve, in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec.

It was a joyful experience since the first moment we arrived. Part of our convoy ended up unexpectedly exploring wild territory unmapped in our devices. Once the group was complete, we headed to set camp in front of a majestic lake.

We had the opportunity to practice suburi outdoors, swim across the lake, test our 'ax skills' chopping wood, test our 'shinken skills', going for adventurous hikes and of course build amazing campfires while sharing great music, stories and drinks. A wonderful bonding experience that shall be repeated in years to come.

We will incorporate more iaido training next time, We hope all our iaido members from Loyola and John Abbott College can make it next time.

Our sincere gratitude to our dear Amelie Tessier for the fantastic organization!
And now, back to work!

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