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Dear friends, we noticed a recent glitch on Google maps. Our location appears to be on Sherbrooke St. East (by Metro Radisson). This is incorrect.
Our dojo is located at: 7200 Sherbrooke West, H4B-1R2, Loyola Campus - Gymnasium, as usual. We are working on fixing this issue. Thank you for your understanding.

...To mold the mind and body; to cultivate a vigorous spirit; and through correct and rigid training; to strive for improvement in the arts of Kendo and Iaido; to hold in esteem human courtesy and honor; to associate with others with sincerity; and to forever pursue the cultivation of one's self...

A true warrior has no confusion in his mind...

No Martial Art symbolizes the spirit of the warrior more than the arts of kendo and Iaido.

Never surrender

Be better today than you were yesterday and then strive to become better still...

Unleash the Warrior within you...

The students learn and practice fierce techniques, until eventually sword becomes "no sword", intention becomes "no intention", a spontaneous knowledge of every situation.

Pride and friendship

Friendship and swordsmanship shall grow together through intense and sincere training. "Respect, perseverance and humbleness"; our everyday prayer.

Unify mind, body and spirit...

Kendo and Iaido are considered the most respected living forms of Budo nowadays

Would you discover yourself?

We invite you to this journey where you will find amazing secrets about yourself through the way of the sword.

Overcome your own limits

Although the metal swords have been replaced by bamboo and wood, all other aspects of the Samurai Spirit live on in the practice of Kendo and Iaido.

Shidokan's History and Pride

Since it's foundation in 1974 produced many outstanding Kendo players in Quebec generation after generation.

Empty your mind

Through constant practice the student will be able to clear the mind giving him or her the confidence needed to overcome daily undertakings with the utmost commitment. - Santoso Hanitijo Sensei.

Douglas Funamoto Sensei

"His dedication to teaching kendo was tremendous, and his humble nature will be remembered fondly."
- Lawrence Tsuji

Experience Tradition...

Students are given the opportunity to experience an ancient Japanese tradition.

Generation after Generation

The first Shidokan generation produced outstanding Kendo players that have continued to develop the art many years later to pass their knowledge to the new generations.

Practice, Practice, Practice

At Shidokan we understand that the only way to obtain our goals and to suceed in every aspect of life is to always persevere.
Just like Sensei says : "Practice, practice and practice more"

For many years "Shidokan Kendo and Iaido Club" has been operating in Montreal, Canada; Our objective is to offer the best possible information to every person seeking a serious path in Martial Arts. Feel free to navigate through our site and don't forget to pass by the Concordia University (Loyola Campus Main Gym), to find out what's beyond that far away Mountain...

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Nov 1 2015 | Joint practice at UdM

On November 1st, Shidokan attended the joint practice organized by AMS Kendo Club, hosted at the Université de Montréal sports center. (Cepsum)

Full post soon...

Oct 18 2015 | Kendo Kata Seminar at Shidokan

On October 18th, we were treated with a seminar entirely focused on Kendo Kata, led by Kenji Toida Sensei and Junko Ariyama Sensei from MKC. Other dojos also joined us for the day, with members from MKC, AMS and McGill Kendo Club.

The seminar was a tremendous aid for all of us, especially for those who were preparing for their grading. We had the chance of working on and fixing every detail, and are now more confident about our Kata

We discussed key points as we went through the five basic kamae, the differences in footwork, and the importance of keeping a strong connection between uchidachi and shidachi. Everyone had the opportunity to practice the first seven (Tachi) Kata together, after which we split into two groups, to allow higher-ranking kendoka to also work on Kodachi Kata. Finally, we regrouped for godokeiko before parting ways.

As our Kendo technique progresses, so should the execution of our Kata, which aid in the comprehension of important concepts. The seminar was successful refresher, and a good opportunity to improve. We hope to have similar events in the years to come.

We wish to thank the Senseis for their patience and guidance, as well as everyone who attended the seminar.

October 10 2015 | Shidokan visits McGill

On October 10, we paid a visit to our friends from McGill Kendo Club and enjoyed a great practice. We are all very thankful for the advice received from D'Orangeville Sensei and all the sempai.

It was a nice surprise to be joined by members of JungKo Kendo Club from Toronto, who were also visiting.
- Thanks to all our friends for the practice. Hope to see you all very soon!

September 2015 | New Beginnings

Fall marks the start of another semester. After a break from training in the last few weeks of August, our members return to the dojo, ready to get back to work. Our doors have opened to new and eager students as both Kendo (September 8th) and Iaido (September 12th) start back up again.

To all our new recruits: Welcome! We look forward to training with you as you walk down this new path.

Our sincere gratitude to D'Orangeville Sensei and our friends from McGill Kendo Club for joining our Friday practice, We will visit you soon !

August 9 2015 | Otakuthon

On August 9, Shidokan was invited to participate in Otakuthon, Montreal’s annual anime convention. Many of our members attended the convention, taking the opportunity to exhibit both kendo and iaido to those interested in learning more about these martial arts.

The demonstration started with an iaido demonstration from three of our members. For the most part, the kata were demonstrated individually, but for a few of them we prepared a special demonstration with two partners using bokken.

Afterwards, our kendoka demonstrated some of our drills, particularly kirikaeshi and oji waza, followed by some practice shiai fights.

At the end, members of the audience were given the opportunity to practice some basics with us. It was a lot of fun and we hope to see everyone there again next year!

July 31 2015 | Tsuji Sensei visits Shidokan

On Friday, July 31st, we received a special visit from Lawrence Tsuji Sensei. While Tsuji Sensei practices at Markham Kendo Club nowadays, he had trained alongside Santoso Sensei under our founder, Funamoto Sensei.

It was a perfect opportunity for us to reconnect with the roots of our dojo. As has always been the focus at Shidokan, we placed a lot of emphasis on basics.

We warmed up with exercises aimed at correcting our posture and footwork. Building on that, shinai in hand, we reviewed our cuts and improved our tenouchi, through suburi and wrist exercises. After a quick break, we applied everything we had learnt in a spirited keiko.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Tsuji Sensei for his visit, and to both him and Santoso Sensei for their patience and continued guidance. We look forward to another great practice!

July 2015 | Summer training & activities

Things are heating up in the dojo as the summer continues. Even so, it's always nice to receive visitors who are ready to brave the heat of training with us. Thank you to those members from MKC who visit us throughout the summer!

We also had the pleasure of training with Josh Moore from Boston Kendo Kyokai while he was visiting Montreal and Michael Kavich from Louisville Kendo Club. Thank you for joining us and we hope to see you again next time your in the area!

We also would like to thank Montreal Kendo Club for hosting a fund raiser to help support children in need so that they can participate in sports summer camps. The main objective was to raise awareness against poverty in our community. A very noble task.

Jun 27 2015 | Spring Kendo Exams

On Saturday, June 27th, some of our members traveled to Quebec City for the Spring Kendo Examinations. The exams being held ranged from 1Kyu to 3Dan, and we had applicants in almost every category.

Each applicant had to perform kirikaeshi at the start (1Kyu-2Dan only), followed by the two rounds of jitsugi, and finished with kata. We're happy to say that all of our candidates passed. Congratulations on all of your hard work!

Thank you to all of our sempai and everyone who has helped us train and prepare. And of course, thank you to Santoso Sensei for all of your patience and guidance. We are ever grateful for your continued support!
Now, back to work and to keep training even harder!

Jun 20 2015 | 6th Naginata World Championship

This year, the 6th World Naginata Championship was held in Montreal at McGill University, providing us with the rare opportunity to go and visit an international event like this. The day started with the opening ceremony and kata.

This was followed by the women's and men's individual competition, and later the team matches as well. The day ended with a friendly match between some of the Naginata competitors and a team of kendoka from McGill University.

It was a great chance to observe Naginata practitioners at an international level, as well as to see and look for some of the similarities in principle and practice between Kendo and Naginata. Some of our members also got a chance to meet Alex Bennett Sensei of Team New Zealand. Perhaps one day we'll see the WKC held a bit closer to home as well.

Jun 19 2015 | Visit to MKC

On Friday, June 19th, we paid a visit to our brothers from MKC. Training was led by our dear friend Kenji Toida Sensei. We also met with our friend Hugo Renaud, who used to train at Shidokan many years ago.

As usual, it was agreat practice!, - Thank you so much for letting us join you!

Jun 13 2015 | Kendo Kata in the park

Summer is here! it's a great time to practice outdoors. Since the beginning of May, in preparation for the upcoming kendo grading, Shidokan members have been taking an extra day to enjoy the sun and practice Kendo kata in the Notre Dame de Grâce Park. Both series have been covered: "Nihon Kendo Kata" & "Kata Bokuto ni yoru Kendo kihon waza keiko ho"

Everybody has been quite diligent and we hope to continue with the good work. Special thanks to our organizer: Alysha Hum, for all her logistics efforts.

May 17 2015 | Preparing for the WKC16

The 16th World Kendo Championship will be held in Japan near the end of May. Due to the preparation of many national team members in Montreal for this event, members of Shidokan and other dojos in the vicinity have had the opportunity to practice with high caliber kenshi. Since the beginning of the year, several kenshi, together with members of the Canadian and the Venezuelan national teams, participated in practices led by Julio Kenji Toida Sensei, from the Brazilian national team.

Practices were geared towards shiai to prepare for the world tournament that would soon take place. Whether it was training for individual or team shiai, and even some focus on how to be a good shinpan, we all learned something and we all improved. The training was grueling, but highly rewarding in the end.

We thank Toida Sensei for leading the sessions, and to McGill University for providing the space to practice. The bar has been raised, now we go back to train.

May 16 2015 | 25th Iaido & jodo Seminar - Guelph

As it is tradition, this year some members of Shidokan participated in the the twenty-fifth annual Spring Iaido & Jodo seminar held at Guelph Univesity. It was also an opportunity to celebrate the 29th anniversary of the Sei Do Kai dojo.

The seminar was organized by Kim Taylor Sensei and had as special guests: Maehara Toshio (hanshi 8dan), Hatakenaka Atsumi (8dan), Ohmi Goyo (7dan) and Stephen Cruise (7dan). As always, it was a wonderful chance to practice iaido with other practitioners and to learn from the special guests present. Many thanks to the organizers and hosts for this annual event!

May 15 2015 | Moscoso Sensei visits MKC

On May 15th, following a North American Kendo tour, Michael Moscoso Sensei (5th dan) visited MKC. Luckily, many Shidokan seniors were present as well to enjoy the class.

We would like to thank MKC and Mosoco Sensei for the opportunity to practice together, as well as for the kindness and advice.

April 26 2015 | Quebec Regional Kendo Championship - Granby

On Sunday, April 26th, a Shidokan contingent traveled to the Cegep de Granby - Haute Yamaska to compete at the Quebec Regional Tournament. As per usual, all participants were grouped in four divisions: women's, mudansha and shodan, nidan and sandan, and yondan and up.

We arrived early and started our warm up with strong spirit, determined to do our best. Our motto for the day was 'no fear'. With that in mind, we prepared for a long day of battle.

Shidokan did very well in the mudansha-shodan division. We managed to bring back a bronze medal in the sandan-nidan division and Shidokan brought home the Fighting Spirit Award as well as a bronze medal in the women's category. Our teams also fought hard in their respective courts, giving their best against tough opponents and earning a silver medal. We returned to Montreal in high spirits and celebrated with some spicy Korean food at Shabu Shabu where Santoso Sensei joined us to celebrate.

We would like to express our gratitude Santoso Sensei for his patience and his constant guidance and to the organizers of the tournament for setting up this competition twice a year.

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