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...To mold the mind and body; to cultivate a vigorous spirit; and through correct and rigid training; to strive for improvement in the arts of Kendo and Iaido; to hold in esteem human courtesy and honor; to associate with others with sincerity; and to forever pursue the cultivation of one's self...

A true warrior has no confusion in his mind...

No Martial Art symbolizes the spirit of the warrior more than the arts of kendo and Iaido.

Never surrender

Be better today than you were yesterday and then strive to become better still...

Unleash the Warrior within you...

The students learn and practice fierce techniques, until eventually sword becomes "no sword", intention becomes "no intention", a spontaneous knowledge of every situation.

Pride and friendship

Friendship and swordsmanship shall grow together through intense and sincere training. "Respect, perseverance and humbleness"; our everyday prayer.

Unify mind, body and spirit...

Kendo and Iaido are considered the most respected living forms of Budo nowadays

Would you discover yourself?

We invite you to this journey where you will find amazing secrets about yourself through the way of the sword.

Overcome your own limits

Although the metal swords have been replaced by bamboo and wood, all other aspects of the Samurai Spirit live on in the practice of Kendo and Iaido.

Shidokan's History and Pride

Since it's foundation in 1974 produced many outstanding Kendo players in Quebec generation after generation.

Empty your mind

Through constant practice the student will be able to clear the mind giving him or her the confidence needed to overcome daily undertakings with the utmost commitment. - Santoso Hanitijo Sensei.

Douglas Funamoto Sensei

"His dedication to teaching kendo was tremendous, and his humble nature will be remembered fondly."
- Lawrence Tsuji

Experience Tradition...

Students are given the opportunity to experience an ancient Japanese tradition.

Generation after Generation

The first Shidokan generation produced outstanding Kendo players that have continued to develop the art many years later to pass their knowledge to the new generations.

Practice, Practice, Practice

At Shidokan we understand that the only way to obtain our goals and to suceed in every aspect of life is to always persevere.
Just like Sensei says : "Practice, practice and practice more"

For many years "Shidokan Kendo and Iaido Club" has been operating in Montreal, Canada; Our objective is to offer the best possible information to every person seeking a serious path in Martial Arts. Feel free to navigate through our site and don't forget to pass by the Concordia University (Loyola Campus Main Gym), to find out what's beyond that far away Mountain...

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April 26 2015 | Quebec Regional Kendo Championship - Granby

We would like to congratulate the whole Shidokan contingent who travelled to Granby on April 26th to participate in the Quebec Regional Kendo Championship, Great performance everybody!

Full post, coming soon!

April 4 2015 | Our friends from AMS

On April 4th, our friends from AMS Kendo Club paid us a visit, it was a great practice! It's always a pleasant time when we receive visitors during our regular practice schedule. It provides an opportunity outside of special events, such as seminars and tournaments, to keiko with friends from other dojos. It provides both new insight into our own practice and gives us a chance to experience kendo with some less familiar faces.

Thank you very much for your kindness, we hope to spar with you again soon!

March 28 2015 | Inazuma Taikai

In preparation for upcoming tournaments, Shidokan hosted an internal junior “lighting tournament” Inazuma Taikai in order to complement our training and to give our members the opportunity to experience ‘combat pressure’ in real time.

There are many things happening during a kendo tournament: pressure, etiquette, rules. For an experienced kendoka all these factors are simply the norm, but for a kendoka without experience, the formalities of entering the ring (shiai-jo) may seem overwhelming at first.

It was a great experience for all of us. Many of our junior members were exposed to pressure in combat, shiai rules and etiquette for the first time. It was also a great opportunity for our senior members to sharpen their judging skills being able to recognize an ippon with confidence.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our beginners who acted as volunteers: keeping the time, taking pictures, keeping the score, and placing the tasuki (colored ribbon) on the competitors. And special thanks to our friends from MKC who also helped us achieve our goal.

Mar 7 2015 | University of Toronto Kendo Tournament

For the first weekend of March, many of our members made the journey to Toronto for the annual taikai hosted by the University of Toronto that took place on the Saturday. This year we had enough participants for two full teams.

The tournament hosted a large number of competitors, mainly from Ontario and Quebec. The competition was a good opportunity to test our mettle against some very skilled kendoka from other regions. It was also a treat to get to see Team Canada in action before the 16th World Kendo Championship taking place later this year.

Congratulations to Justin McNeil-Smith for taking home the bronze medal in the Kyu-Shodan division! As well, we would like to congratulate Kenji Toida Sensei, who accompanied us this weekend, for winning gold in the Yondan and up category. It was also very nice to see our friend Lawrence Tsuji Sensei at the tournament - as always, thank you for your guidance!

Time to reflect on both the wins and losses of the day so that we can incorporate it into our training moving ahead. Looking forward to the next competition!

Thank you again to Justin and Robert for helping us with accommodations for the weekend!

Feb 28 2015 | First CKF Iaido Grading in Montreal

On Saturday, January 28th, we had the pleasure of hosting the first CKF Iaido grading in Montreal, following our habitual seminar led by Goyo Omhi Sensei and Stephen Cruise Sensei.

The day started off with a seminar in the morning, focusing entirely on Seitei Iai. This attention to Seitei allowed for all the grading applicants to have a last chance to prepare and get some feedback before the afternoon grading.

After lunch, the grading began. It was open to applicants for 1kyu, 1st Dan, and 2nd Dan. Overall, it was a very successful grading. Congratulations everyone on a job well done!

The seminar continued once more after grading. The group was split in two, with Ohmi Sensei leading many of the newly-ikkyu back through Seitei iai while Cruise Sensei took those who hadn’t graded and focused on Koryu kata(s) for the rest of the afternoon. Afterwards, there was dinner at Kanda to celebrate over sushi and sake.

The seminar continued on Sunday at John Abbott. It touched on Seitei again, but the focus switched to Koryu with the pressure of grading off. All kata(s) of the Chuden level (Hasegawa Eishin-ryu) were reviewed as well as special drills such as haya-iai, diving into technical details and differences between Chuden and Okuden levels, such as 'noto' and 'tatehiza'.

Thank you to all the volunteers and everyone who worked hard to make this grading successful. Special thanks to Christian D'Organgeville Sensei, president of the CKF, for attending this inaugural event.
Once again, congratulations to all of the applicants. We hope to have this opportunity again in the future!

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