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Dec 2021 | Iaido Training at Kirkland

Shidokan iaido students return to practice at Kirkland. Congratulations to those who succesfully obtained their new rank in the recent CKF Grading in Etobicoke, ON.

Sep-Oct 2021 | Training at Summit School

Sep 2021 | Concordia CSU Fair

This year Shidokan participated in the Concordia Student Clubs fair. A great opportunity to let the Community learn about our club and become part of our family.

Thank you very much to our representative Faye for doing a great job promotin Shidokan!

August 2021 | Bring the heat!

Jun 12 2021 | Training continues

As the province eases restrictions Shidokan kendo students gather behind the dojo for some intense suburi and basics practice.

Trying our best to maintain our technique and spirit. Looking forward to getting back to the dojo very soon.

Jan 2021 | A new beginning

There's no argue 2020 has been quite a challenging period in our journey together. And there are still more obstacles ahead. As it is known, "It is always darkest just before the dawn"

We are confident and optimistic in this new year, looking forward to day we can train together again.
We must maintain our strong spirit 志 and never succumb to despair.
Happy 2021! Stay Safe!

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