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December 22nd 2022 | Last week of the year

Dec 17th 2022 | Internal Kendo grading

On Dec 17th our beginner group and some of our junior members went through our internal kendo grading.

Dec 10 2022 | Practice and farewells

Dec 09 2022 | Tozai Taiko at MKC

November 19th 2022 | 2022 Ottawa Iaido Taikai

The weekend of November 19th, a few members of Shidokan joined up with our friends in Ottawa for the 2022 Ottawa Iaido Taikai, hosted by Tokushikai and Patrick Suen Sensei. We were honored to have Susan Sekreta Sensei lead and judge the Taikai competition. Congratulations to the Shidokan members who each took home a medal!

Sunday followed with a half day Iaido Seminar. Always time to learn more and grow. The weekend was a great learning experience and we hope to represent Shidokan at many more Taikai events.

Our gratitude to Patrick Suen Sensei and Tokushikai Canada Dojo for organizing this 2022 Ottawa Iaido Taikai.

November 13th 2022 | CKF Kendo Grading

This November one of the largest contingents from Shidokan travelled to Toronto for the fall grading. With members challenging grades ranging from 1kyu to 5dan, we are happy to say most passed their exams successfully. It is great to see after all the hard work put in by each kendoka in the months leading up to the grading.

Congratulations to everyone! We would especially like to congratulate Juan Vasquez Sensei and Gabriel Schor Sensei on acquiring their 5dan at this grading.

October 30th 2022 | Quebec Godokeiko

During the weekend of October 30th 2022, Kenji Toida Sensei, 7th dan Kyoshi of MKC organized and led a godokeiko, hosted in collaboration with Shidokan at Vanier College. During the godokeiko, kendoka are given the opportunity to keiko with sensei and practitioners from all over Quebec. It was a great opportunity to get advice for the upcoming grading as well as for general improvement, in addition to being a wonderful event to bring together the Quebec Kendo community.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and we hope to see everyone again soon!

October 29th 2022 | A visit from Miami, FL

We would like to express our gratitude to Ahmed Gaballa for paying us a visit all the way from Shidogakuin Miami, FL. Please come back soon!

September 15th 2022 | Shidokan, Back at Loyola!

For the new fall Season 2022, we finally returned to our main dojo located at Concordia University Loyola Campus. It was great to step back into Concordia after a long time away, to welcome so many new faces, and to see many familiar faces returning.

A great start to the semester, lets all work hard to complete each of our goals for the end of the year!

September 10th 2022 | Shidokan Internal Taikai

To end the summer season, we held an internal taikai as an opportunity for members to acquire more shiai experience and provide senior members with a chance to work on their shinpan skills.

Thank you to all of our beginner volunteers for helping out and making this fun opportunity possible!

September 7th & 8th 2022 | Concordia Student Union Fair

At the beginning of the fall session, our diligent members voluntered to represent Shidokan at the Concordia Student Union Fair.

After all the closures during the pandemic, this was a great opportunity to promote our dojo within the University.

Thank you very much everybody, great job!

August 27th & 28th 2022 | 2022 CKF "Ottawa-Montreal" Iaido Summer Seminar and Grading

On the weekend of August 27th & 28th the Canadian Kendo Federation in colaboration with the Tokushikai Dojo, hosted the 2022 "Ottawa-Montreal Regional" Iaido Summer Seminar and Grading. The seminars were led by Goyo Ohmi Sensei (Iaido Kyoshi 7-Dan, Kendo 6-Dan) and Stephen Cruise Sensei (Iaido Kyoshi 7-Dan, Kendo 5-Dan)

We had the privilege to review our Zen Ken Ren Iaido training with Cruise Sensei, Ohmi Sensei and Ed Chart Sensei. At the same time students from Montreal and Ottawa had the opportunity to challenge grading.

We would like to thank Patrick Suen Sensei from Tokushikai for his devotion and diligence in organizing these fantastic events. Arigato!

August 17th 2022 | An old friend visits Shidokan

We would like to express our gratitude to Tuan Anh Hoang Sensei for paying us a visit!. Tuan Anh now resides in Japan and continues his training there. As a former member of the Canadian National Kendo Team, he showed his skill and spirit in our keiko together. Thank you Tuan Anh! Please come back soon!

August 13th 2022 | Montreal Kendo Taikai

After 2 long years the Montreal Kendo Tournament (Taikai) returned to town. We were very happy to see old friends reunited again for a full day of kendo. It was a great display of spirit and determination. Shidokan's women division delivered a powerful performance, obtaining great achievements, Congratulations!

Women's division

  • Natasha Fracassi - Gold medal
  • Alysha Hum - Bronze medal

Women's Team Division

  • Shidokan Women's A - Bronze medal
    Natasha Fracassi
    Alysha Hum
    Irina Patrocinio-Frazao

Thanks to all Shidokan members who participated, our volunteers who came to cheer us on, and to the McGill Kendo Club for hosting the event. See you at the next tournament!

August 6th 2022 | Welcoming friends

On Saturday August 6th 2022, during our iaido practice we received the visit of our dear friends, from Ottawa: Patrick Suen Sensei & Hanna Ikeda-Suen, from Toronto: Peter Kim. Patrick-Sensei led part of our iaido class and shared a very interesting approach to our training. During Kendo we also received the visit of Stevie Roquelaure Sensei from Guadeloupe, we enjoyed great keiko together. Our sincere gratitude to our friends, we hope our paths will cross again soon.

July 9th 2022 | Visit from Miki Chart

On July 9th we received a visit from our friend Miki Chart, a iaido and kendo practicioner from Tateyama Kendo Club in Ottawa.

We enjoyed a great practice, thank you very much for visiting us Miki!
Hope to see you again soon!

June 29th 2022 | Montreal Shinpan Seminar

On June 29th, Shidokan hosted a Kendo Shinpan (referee) Seminar open to all practicioners in Quebec. The seminar was led by Junko Ariyama Sensei and Kenji Toida Sensei. The objective was to review the new approach and changes to judging a match given by the AKJF.

We think it's very important for all kendo practicioners to understand the new rules and procedures during taikai/shiai in order to conduct a proper judgment during the matches. It was very enlighting, we think this is a possitive move for Kendo in general.

We would like to thank Ariyama Sensei, Toida Sensei and all kendoka(s) who participated in this event. Special thanks to our volunteers for helping us manage the seminar, great job everybody!

June 18th 2022 | CKF Kendo Grading in QC City

On June 18th a Shidokan contingent traveled to QC city to participate in the CKF Kendo grading. It was great to see an event back in the province after quite a while. Our members performed great and will soon be ready to challenge their next rank.

Shinsa (Grading) is an important part of a kendoka's journey, we appreciate everyone's effort.
A big Thank you to the organizers! Milestones achieved, new challenges ahead, congratz! now let's get back to work!

June 4th 2022 | See you soon brother!

June 4th was one of our senior members last training with Shidokan. Our brother Sarmad Al-Mashta has embarked in a new life adventure in the Canadian west coast. We will miss you dearly Sarmad, we hope you come visit us very soon! Good luck with your new life and keep training as hard as always, carrying the spirit of our Kokorozashi.

May 14th 2022 | Shinpan Seminar, Etobicoke ON

Canadian Kendo Federation Kendo Referee Seminar - Etobicoke, ON. Thank you to Kimura Sensei, Kamata Sensei and Asa Sensei for the seminar, and all the participants.

It is great to see everyone returning to kendo and working to improve the level of officiating.

Pictures courtesy S. Kamata, KendoNord

May 2022 | New Summer Season kicks in!

We are happy to announce Shidokan is receiving beginner students again! These past 2 years have been hard more many kendo & iaido dojos, Shidokan in no exception.

We are very lucky to have a very strong core of dedicated members who are eager to share their passion with the next generation under the leadership of Santoso Sensei. During the Summer we will be training at the Concordia Loyola Chapel & Vanier College. Ganbatte!

March-April 2022 | Spring is coming!

While we wait to go back to our main dojo at Concordia University Loyola campus, Shidokan is training at Vanier College. During the summer we will be conducting practices at Vanier on Saturdays and at the Concordia Loyola Chapel on Wednesdays. After 2 long year of shutdowns, we will finally be welcoming new students. Looking forward to the new season! - We will keep you posted, stay tuned!

March 11th 2022 | Friday Training

After the last Shutdown, the government has finally allowed sport & martial arts activities to slowly resume. Shidokan seniors are returning to training at Summit School on Fridays.

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